Xavier Bolló

Let's find the stories in the data

About me

My name is Xavier Bolló. For the last 10 years I've served businesses as a consultant in digital marketing strategies and business development. During this period I've been lucky to collaborate hand by hand with many companies from many different sectors helping them meet their value with their potential buyers.

I have always been amazed by the power held in the information technologies. I like tracking and automating operations. I think that there are great opportunities in today's technology for humans to leverage our uniqueness. The last 3 years I've been interested in mastering information so I obtained a Postgraduate in Big Data (2019) and another Postgraduate in Data Visualization (2020).

The more I kept learning about data, the more important became the ability to translate it visually. My passion for Data Visualization was born.

On June (2021) I obtained a Master's Degree in Visual Tools to Empower Citizenship which I'm proud to mention and refer. I have been able to dive deep into data engineering (Python), statistical (R) and spatial analysis (GIS), data ethics evaluation and data visualization programming (d3.js & Svelte).

I am always excited to work understanding the stories in the data and finding out the best way to communicate them in order to satisfy an ultimate purpose: help everybody make better decisions.

Xavier Bolló - Data visualization programming - Visualització de dades